Got an itchy scalp? Our tips.
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Got an itchy scalp? Our tips.

Flakes living rent-free on your head? You’re not alone. 

Like, at all. The National Psoriasis Foundation says around half of all people dealing with psoriasis have it on their scalp too.

If your head is getting itchy just reading this — have a looksie at your scalp in the mirror. Can you spot any plaques of itchy, scaly skin?

Whether you've got psoriasis, dandruff, or your scalp is just p*ssing you off — we’ve got some tips. 

Invest in a good quality scalp routine. 

It seems like every brand under the sun is jumping on the scalp trend. Not throwing any shade. 

Your scalp routine should consist of: 

  1. A mask that helps to lift those annoying flakes, and soothe the sensitive skin underneath.
  2. Products free from fragrance. AKA: very irritating. 
  3. No added colours, parabens, sulfates, or other ingredients that will make your head more angry. 
  4. Two products max. Your routine doesn't need to be five billion products. Coz seriously, who has the time (or the money)? 

Three years ago, Ash was just livin' life, getting Yours Only off the ground. When suddenly, we started getting flooded with DM’s, asking for a product to help with flaky scalps. So, she thought ‘why the heck not’.

Step one was talking to the community for help. Our customers tried, tested, developed, fan-girled over the formula, and then even modelled in our photoshoots to create SCALP. A scalp mask (see what we did there) that soothes, while being safe for sensitive humans.

A year later, we had a very expensive realisation. SCALP was soothing humans all over their bodies, too. It was becoming loved as a body mask for flaky skin, a hair mask, and a deep body moisturiser. It was nourishing eczema, dry patches, and anything in-between.

So we changed the name to MASK and ran with it. 


Our favourite Yours Only routine.

We make things pretty simple over here. The Scalp Bundle is what you’re looking for. 

  1. Use MASK for 15 mins - up to overnight to lift flakes, and soothe the skin. 
  2. Jump in the shower. Btw, piping hot water is a no-no for sensitives.
  3. Cleanse with CLEAN, our face, body + hair cleanser. You’ll feel clean, without stripping.

And voila. Rinse (literally) and repeat next time. 


Ok, ok. Enough about us. More tips below:


Look at your hair routine’s ingredients.

This is your dreaded sign to go and clean out your hair products. Us sensitive humans need to be more particular than others with what we’re using.

Do your fave products contain any of these ingredients? 

  1. Parabens
  2. Sulfates 
  3. Tricolsans 
  4. Colourants
  5. Salicylates
  6. Fragrances 

We've only mentioned a FEW of the common irritants included in a lot of haircare, that might flare up sensitive humans.

Don't forget: there are lots of internal factors at play.

Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition. Unfortunately, this means there is no cure yet or a quick fix. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

But, you can have some control over your flare-ups. There are many internal factors involved that help keep them at bay. Including:

Stress levels. Trying to practice mindfulness, yoga, meditation or working with a professional to help keep these at bay. 

Diet. Eating foods that are known to flare you up can be shown in your skin. We all have such different triggers, it’s best to work with a naturopath or integrated GP to get to the bottom of yours. 

Lifestyle. This answer is annoying, but things like alcohol consumption, lack of exercise, etc can all contribute to flare ups.