Don’t overlook your hair routine. It might be causing flare ups.
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Don’t overlook your hair routine. It might be causing flare ups.

Let me guess. You're here coz you're dealing with a sensitive body or picky skin. Or maybe (just maybe) you were hit with the double whammy like me. From one allergy pal to another — it's time to check your hair routine. Like, now.

You might be thinking ‘Ash, just coz I’m a sensitive human, doesn’t mean my HAIR is sensitive too’. 

Well, this is awkward. We wish we didn’t have to tell you like this, but your fun-smelling shampoo might be contributing to your flare-ups.

Sit down, and grab the metaphorical (coz, allergies) popcorn. Let’s chat about why having a safe hair routine is SO important.

Your scalp is skin, too. 

We'll presume you've seen the buzzwords 'scalp care' during your nightly TikTok doom-scroll. It's trending in 2024 for good reason. 

Coz seriously, why do we put so much effort into nourishing our face and body with safe products, but then whack anything on our scalp?

It's incredibly sensitive and needs TLC, or it can end up a slew of itchy, flaky symptoms.

BUT — you don’t need five billion products to achieve this. More on that later.


Many products contain potent (and scary) ingredients. 

Finding ‘safe’ products feels a bit like one of those escape rooms you can’t solve at your local arcade. Tricky, expensive, and ends in ‘I give up’, lol. 

Many of the haircare brands we grew up with from the local supermarket are riddled with icky ingredients — like parabens, sulfates, and potent fragrances. 

Parabens — Added to increase shelf life, but not without consequences. Studies show that they’re also known hormone disruptors, which can pose huge health risks. 

Sulfates — They work to give products that super soapy/foamy texture, which can potentially disrupt hormones and/or irritate sensitive skin. Soooo, this is your PSA that foaming products aren’t always best.

Fragrances — A common irritant that flies under the radar. Sure, they smell pretty, but can also lead to itchy skin, migraines, brain fog, allergy symptoms, and other annoying things.

Meet Sacha, who’s psoriasis made it really difficult to wash her hair. Standard haircare made her flare up further. Then, she found us.


Good ingredients and fuss-free routines are ‘in’.

Wanna put less stress on your body? I think I heard a collective shout of 'yes'. 


By 'good ingredients', we mean:

Using simple products without common irritants can lower the load of ingredients your body has to deal with. 

But that's not enough. You need products that are dermatologically tested, created by someone who gets the struggle, who isn’t just trying to sell you stuff. (ICYMI: we mean like us). 

And by fuss-free, we mean: 

Multi-use products. AKA: less $$$ spent on stuff, and more shelf space. You’re welcome.


Ok, you still with me? Jump in your shower and shove all your random stuff to the side in one quick swoop. 

The deets for your new (and safe) hair routine: 

  • A soothing scalp + hair mask.
  • Using two diff products for this? Not anymore. 

    We created MASK, and she’s pretty multi-talented. Use for 15 mins - up to overnight to lift scalp flakes, soothe the skin underneath, and nourish the ends of your hair. Bonus points: you can also use as a deep body mask or moisturiser. 

    There’s not much MASK can’t do (besides give relationship advice).


  • A cleanser that doesn’t strip the barrier. 
  • We created CLEAN to cleanse hair, body and face. 

    It doesn’t foam up like those yucky shampoos, coz the whole range is created without common irritants added that flare people up further. 

    Cleanse, twice if you want, and wash your face + bod while you’re at it. 


  • Conditioner that won’t flare up your skin further. 
  • Food for thought: when it comes to flare ups, conditioners matter more than you think.

    Think about it. We cover our hair with it, and for some of us, that hair sits on our shoulders/back all day. If there were nasty ingredients in it, that could cause pretty annoying flare ups. 

    SLEEK is nourishing and soothing, while helping to combat frizz and boost shine. You can also use her as shaving cream too, if you wanna.  


    Luckily for you, we packaged up these three handy products in our Hair Bundle, which you can see here


    And the pièce de résistance: a good detangling brush.

    Did the post-shower hairbrush end in a tantrum when you were growing up? Get annoyed when people touch your hair?

    Knotty hair sucks, especially when your head is sensitive. We developed BRUSH to help detangle those knots, while still being gentle. Thank us later.