We care about the planet we live in and so should you.

We get there’s a lot of skincare brands out there and by selling products we’re creating waste in some form. Our founder Ashli created Yours Only with a purpose — more choices for resilient people with not-so-resilient bodies. We’ve built a community around our dramatic skin (and bodies), with products that are multi-purposeful, meaning you don’t have a million products clogging up your vanity. We’re definitely not perfect, but we pinky promise we’re doing our best by making changes where possible to improve the world we live in, on top of having less itchy skin.

Post consumer recycled materials

When you receive your Yours Only goodies in the mail, you’ll only find packaging made from 80% recycled materials. Our shipper and pillow boxes, thank you cards and stickers are crafted from post consumer materials and printed with soy ink.

FSC certified

Everything will also have a FSC certified stamp on it – promise. In short, this meets the “gold standard” ethical production. The wood is harvested from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable. This practice helps reduce landfill dependency and deforestation rates.


Everything you receive from us (bedsides our CLEAN + COAT pumps) can be recycled, so we ask you to do your bit when you’re finished with our products.

Multi-use products

Instead of jam packing your cupboard with a million different products, Yours Only graces you with ones that do everything but the dishes. CLEAN washes your hair, face and body, COAT nourishes your scalp, face and body and BALM can be used on the face and anywhere that’s being dramatic.


We formulate and produce our products right here in Melbourne, Australia. They’re vegan, cruelty free, and won’t harm the oceans once they drain from your shower.

All of our products are dermatologically tested and safe for humans of any age. We’ll never use parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, artificial colors, and synthetic fragrances.


We choose to work with manufacturers who are committed to sustainability, too. We’re continuously educating each other on new practices and we hear about their solar panelled warehouses and energy efficient practices.

Bottles + tubes

Product packaging is very wasteful, we know. Every year, about 8.8m tons of plastic waste enters our marine environment. That’s basically like a garbage truck filled with plastic, dumping into the ocean every single minute. Horrendous.

Cue, our CLEAN + COAT bottles. These pretty things are made from 100% recycled materials, and we choose not to package them up in unnecessary extra boxes. It means they’re manufactured from used, recycled and repurposed plastic that’s picked up from beaches, oceans, land and recycling plants. By recycling these plastics, waste is diverted from ending up in landfill, making our bottles less wasteful and much better than a virgin bottle.

Then there’s our COAT Mini + BALM tubes, which are made from 100% sugarcane bioplastic so we can offset our carbon footprint. Sugarcane absorbs carbon gas from the air as it grows. After it’s used as a raw material, it’s then transformed into ethanol and turned into our BALM tubes. Smart, and sustainable.

If every Australian household chose sugar plastic for their beauty products for a year, together we’d save 246,000 tonnes of carbon from being released into the atmosphere. Gulp.

So, what’s next?

Our next step is to educate ourselves on what else we need to do to reduce our carbon footprint as a brand. We’re a relatively new, self funded business — it can be tough to compete against big companies with an endless supply of money. We’ll get there. We know you want refills, and we promise we hear you. It’s a little tricky with sensitive skin as we need to ensure no germs or bugs interfere with the at home process because that = flare up. We’re in the process of developing 1L bottles for CLEAN, COAT + SLEEK so bare with us.