Morgan – Psoriasis
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Morgan – Psoriasis

Some may think you can cure psoriasis with a magical cream, but it’s an auto-immune condition that starts from the inside and works its way out.

Meet Morgan. She grew up in Canada and has suffered from psoriasis her entire life. Being colder over there, she covered her body from head to toe all year round and didn’t tell a SINGLE human she had psoriasis besides her parents and partners. Wild.

Psoriasis may look to just be a condition of the skin, but it starts inside the body – it’s an auto-immune condition, which means all the sh*t kicking the fan is internal and works its way out to the skin. The inflammation makes the skin grow and multiply too quickly. The body isn’t able to shed excess skin cells, so they pile up on the skin’s surface, leaving inflamed thick and scaly patches.

1.5 million Aussies have psoriasis. One-third of them have depression and one-third develop psoriatic arthritis, which is inflammation of the joints.

There’s no cure for psoriasis but there are lots of ways you can manage it through topical products, like Yours Only COAT, steroids, phototherapy, like a UVA or UVB treatment, medication, and biologics.

When Morgan was in Canada she found one dermatologist who helped be plaque-free through a biologic treatment, but it is something that makes you immunocompromised. She’s now living in Australia with psoriasis and learning to manage it again.

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“I would go to school, go to work, and come home – it was my happy place. I didn’t tell anyone besides my parents that I had psoriasis.“

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Morgan has just married the love of her life and is holding off from trying the biologic again until after she’s started a family.