Gifting for sensitive skin
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Gifting for sensitive skin

Hello holiday season. The time to gift people pressies they hopefully won't chuck at the bottom of the cupboard. If you ask us, that happens a lot when people don't pay attention to our sensitive body needs.

This is well, coz we’re that friend. The one with picky skin that you leave til the last minute to buy for. Hi. 

Cutesy soaps, pretty bath bombs and fragrances, oh my. Sounds like a rash, itch or sneeze waiting to happen.

We got sick of people not knowing what to gift people like us. Our founder Ash (who’s been hit with the allergy stick) created Yours Only as a range of allergy-friendly, dermatologically tested skin + haircare, that’ll look cute on the bathroom counter too. That means no added irritants (or pesky fragrance) that might cause skin to flare up even further. Now THAT is a win. 

Here’s what our sensitive team is gifting this year: 

The Holiday Bundle 

Gift nourishment with a face and body routine overhaul. This bundle has our three cult favourite products that nourish picky skin, paired with a cute handmade Beauty Bag and three cloud-like Fluffy Face Cloths. 

Get bang for your buck and use CLEAN as a three-in-one face, body and hair cleanser, to clean deep without stripping. Pair with COAT as a face and body moisturiser, to soothe that pesky skin. Then finish off with BALM, for lips and dry bits. Pop the goodies in the Beauty Bag, put under the tree and voila — the perfect pressie.

Alex is gifting this to her Nanny Denise — she’s 92 and has had eczema since she was a child. She loves CLEAN so much, she’s requested the whole routine this year. 


The 1L Bundle 

For that friend who lives and breathes Yours Only. Go for CLEAN + COAT 1L, in a bundle. We’ll let you in on a secret — we never bundle these two together, ever. So snap her up for a limited time only.

As these babies are new, there’s a good chance your loved one might not have the 1L’s in their bathroom yet. CLEAN + COAT are our OG products, and staples for 1000’s of Aussies who love a low-ingredient-load routine. Plus, your loved one won’t have to restock as often — a win-win. 

Liana is gifting to her best friend Rebecca, who just bought a house. Coz who remembers to buy body wash when they’re moving.


The Mini Holiday Bundle 

Because who doesn’t love the mini version of stuff. This cute pack is perfect for travelling, someone who’s on-the-go or a baby bag, so you never have to be without nourishment. 

It’s got the smallest sizes of CLEAN and COAT, both in 100ml. CLEAN Mini is our cute cleanser, COAT Mini is our lil moisturiser. Paired with our fave, BALM. All packed away in a custom Beauty Bag with a Fluffy Face Cloth. It’s the perfect intro to the brand, to trial everything before committing to a bigger size. 

Ash is gifting this cute bundle to her sister, Kate, who just had a little baby named Sid. Picky skin runs in her fam. Better to start with clean skincare from the get-go.