One dermatologist changed Kate’s life.
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One dermatologist changed Kate’s life.

The number one thing our community says? To be honest, it's probably that they feel itchy. 

But number two is good advice, we promise. It's that the BEST thing you can do is advocate for your health.

Close your eyes. In a far away land off in the clouds — cars fly, we all have Hailey Bieber on speed dial, and Netflix is free. Plus, getting diagnosed with a skin condition is as easy as one GP appointment. 

But in reality, our friend Kate spent five years working with heaps of doctors and specialists to get to the bottom of her picky skin. More than we can count on two hands (or three, maybe even four). 

Kate lovingly calls her sitch a triple threat — managing atopic dermatitis, asthma and hay fever. In the first three years of her skin starting to flare up, she saw many doctors, dermatologists, and an allergist. 

Things suggested, that (spoiler alert) didn’t help:

  • It’s just scabies 
  • You have conjunctivitis 
  • Here’s six different steroid creams 
  • Let’s try back-patch testing (inconclusive)
  • Just keep using steroid creams 
  • Change all of your skincare and soaps 
  • Go dairy free and gluten free 
  • Did we mention steroid creams? 

Years of time, effort and money down the drain — not to mention Kate’s mental health having to go through all of the treatments and tests they’d try. Nothing worked, and it was bleeding into all aspects of her life.

'My back was full of scabs that I would scratch at night. I would be destroying bed sheets, clothes. It had broken me.'


Finally, Kate found a local dermatologist who backed her. Honestly, he sounds more like a fairy godmother. Someone who listened, saw the struggle and took a biopsy. The results came in as atopic dermatitis. 

Ok cool, it had a name — but then the hard part. Years of standard treatments had no dice, so where to now? 

We'd be lying if we said the happily-ever-after came instantly. But this time? She had the support of her incred derm.


Kate went on to trial:

Light therapy: Three times a week, for ten weeks. Nothing budged. 

Medication: Two kinds did nothing. 

They then patiently waited for Dupixent to become available — and she was one of the first people to use it. Sadly. This didn’t work either. She went on to trial another medication that wasn’t even on the PBS yet.

Eventually they found a winning medication that changed her life.

With these new meds working wonders, Kate then discovered Yours Only.

'Yours Only really helped — having a clean and safe routine. Now, I only flare when I’m stressed or run down.'

Kate’s finally worked out what her triggers are. 

  • Mango
  • Dust mites
  • Orange 
  • Stress 
  • Dog hair 
  • Being sick

Her biggest advice? Learn your triggers, and avoid them all you can.